Should I be discouraged if there is waiting list at a retirement community?

“I’m feeling a little discouraged after a friend told me about a waiting list at a retirement community I was considering. Should I just look somewhere else?”

Don’t be discouraged. The best retirement communities have waiting lists. Consider putting your name on the waiting list for your top two or three communities…many people do. Each community’s waiting list policy and practice may vary; talk to the marketing staff who are always eager to help you have a realistic understanding of how long an actual ‘wait’ may be.

At Bridgewater Retirement Community, regular communication, updates, and special events for our wait list members enables us to focus on a smaller group of ‘ready’ members when there is a vacancy. And, our new 34 apartment expansion, The Grove, means some members can move sooner.

-Elizabeth McNeal, Director of Sales & Marketing, Bridgewater Retirement Community