Janina’s Holiday Gift

A setback leads to a new home and an opportunity to give back

As 2019 draws to a close, Bridgewater Retirement Community not only reminisces on another great year, we also keep our eyes on the future. One of the ways we do this is an end-of-year fundraising drive for the Resident Care Endowment Fund (RCEF). The RCEF is a true endowment that helps BRC continue to support residents who run into financial difficulties.

As everyone knows, unexpected events can turn financial strength into struggle—up to one-third of Assisted Living and Huffman Health Center residents need financial help to stay in their homes. The RCEF, as part of the Bridgewater HealthCare Foundation, helps these residents do just that.

Empowering residents to remain in their homes is very important to us—you don’t evict family members just because they exhaust their funds! Plus, it reduces the stress and trauma of moving (a life event some experts say is more unsettling than divorce) and the anxiety that accompanies fiscal uncertainty.

No one knows this better than Janina (pronounced Ya-nee-na) Greene, who moved to Bridgewater in May. Raised in Poland, Janina found herself widowed and living in a retirement community in Santa Fe when she began to experience health problems. It turns out roof leaks in her home had caused toxic mold to grow in her ceiling. Her doctor told her she had to move out.

Janina Greene

Forced into a temporary home, Janina had a good friend, already a BRC resident, who urged her to visit. She had never even been to Virginia, but a visit to BRC’s website and then conversations with a marketing counselor convinced her to reserve an apartment in Hearthstone Manor.

She visited in February and discovered the potential apartment was right below her friend’s. He introduced her around the community, and Janina was impressed with the welcoming Southern hospitality. Janina moved to BRC on May 21.

According to Janina, not long after she moved in, someone mentioned the RCEF and its mission to enable residents to stay at Bridgewater, finances notwithstanding. She was still reeling from the sting of losing her home in Santa Fe and according to her account, broke down crying when she heard that would not happen again.

“Only family would do that!” she remembers thinking. “I thought, ‘I’m home! This is family!’ God decided to bring me here.”

Janina followed up her ecstasy with action. She made arrangements for BRC to be the beneficiary of a CD she owns, designating it to the RCEF. The sizable gift will help others remain at Bridgewater no matter their circumstances.

For the effervescent Janina, giving back comes naturally: “Losing my home was very traumatic for me. I felt like nobody cared.” At Bridgewater, “my batteries have been recharged! It’s wonderful. We are being bathed in love. How could I not help others stay here?”

In the 2019 fiscal year, the percentage of residents who needed financial help to stay at Bridgewater was

Assisted Living: 17.5%  |  Memory Support: 25.1%  |  Nursing Households: 29.8%

The current endowment is approximately $12 million.

We hope to raise $30,000 for RCEF through our Christmas appeal.

This holiday season, consider a gift to The Resident Care Endowment Fund (RCEF) and the Bridgewater HealthCare Foundation. As a not-for-profit community, Bridgewater relies on the generosity of people like Janina to provide the best care for our residents. That includes helping them stay in their homes. Make your gift securely online at https://www.brcliving.org/giving/donating.