Help BRC celebrate Mothers Day!

At BRC, Mother’s Day has always been a special occasion marked by scores of family visits, an amazing brunch at Custer Dining Room, and the arrival of cherished gifts and floral arrangements to brighten residents’ homes. Unfortunately, we are not able to celebrate in our usual way this year, with the coronavirus raging in our broader community and no visitors allowed on the BRC campus, even out of doors. All of us—residents, families, and team members—will feel it very keenly.

In addition to phone calls and video chats on Mother’s Day weekend—which many of you are no doubt already planning—we’d like to provide some additional ways for families to share their love with mothers at BRC.

  • We will put together a video presentation that can be shared with residents composed of messages from their loved ones. If you would like to contribute a few photos, a short video, or a short written message, please email them to us at We’ll post it to Facebook, too.
  • Gifts and care packages for residents in Nursing Households, Assisted Living, Gardner House, and the Village may be dropped off at the Guard Shack 8-4:30 on Thursday, May 7 and Friday, May 8. (Generally, we don’t have the capacity to deliver care packages from the Guard Shack to Nursing, Assisted Living, or Gardner House, but we are designating extra team members to help with deliveries for Mother’s Day on the Thursday and Friday before.) Food items should be shelf-stable, please!