Making Life Better: BRC Raises $4.7 Million to Expand Programs and Outreach

The BRC Foundation, Bridgewater Retirement Community’s charitable arm, announces today the successful completion of the $4.7 million “LiveWell” fundraising campaign.

The LiveWell Campaign is the largest fundraising success in BRC’s history and is now poised to dramatically expand on-campus programming for residents and team members. The campaign’s key funding priorities included the “Energized Life Fund” which supports wellness programming for BRC residents; the “Work Well Fund” which supports education and training programs for team members; and the “Community Outreach Fund” which expands BRC’s community outreach and volunteer programs.

“We knew that we wanted to make significant enhancements and expansions to our programming,” says Carrie Budd, vice president of the BRC Foundation. “We want to provide access to meaningful opportunities—things like music and art therapy, lecture series, access to nature. But as a nonprofit, we don’t have a lot of cash on hand to add these more exciting things, so that’s what we decided to raise money for.”

BRC began privately fundraising in June 2021 and launched the public campaign in May 2022. “Our donors were so receptive,” says Budd. “We heard them say over and over again how important they felt it was for us to be investing money in the future of our programming.”

“Our previous fundraising campaigns have mostly been about construction,” says BRC President Rodney Alderfer. “It’s a lot easier to raise money for a construction project where donors can see drawings of the building and visualize the impact. Raising money for an idea is an entirely different approach for us, and we weren’t exactly sure how it would go. The overwhelming response—the largest fundraising success in our community’s history—inspires our vision for what living well in retirement looks like in the 2020s and beyond. And it demonstrates that our community trusts we can get it done.”

The impacts of the campaign will be seen sooner rather than later. This Fall, BRC plans to break ground on a previously announced walking trail expansion. The new trails, which will sit on 20 acres adjacent to Bridgewater’s Oakdale Park, will provide access to several destinations and overlooks, including a labyrinth, outdoor classroom, marsh walk, woodland overlook, and more.

The BRC Foundation is also developing an internal grant program that will be used to disperse the campaign’s funds to projects aligned with the campaign’s goals and BRC’s strategic plan. Campaign funds will also be used to support established endowments at BRC which support spiritual life programs and ensure residents who exhaust their financial resources are able to remain in their homes.

“This campaign opens up a world of possibilities for what we can do for our residents, our team members, and our greater community,” says Budd. “We’re going to make a tremendous impact, all because of our donors’ generosity.”