BRC’s Speakers Bureau brings senior living expertise to your business, organization, or class with free workshops and presentations.

Our collection of free Speakers Bureau workshops covers a variety of healthy aging topics that will be of value both to older adults throughout our community and to those who support them. These workshops are never a sales pitch. Our goal is to share our experience and knowledge to answer common questions about leading a vibrant, active, and energized older adulthood.

Interested in hosting a free Speakers Bureau workshop for your business, organization, or class? Contact the Bridgewater HealthCare Foundation at or 540-828-2652.

Available Presentations:

Surviving the Pandemic: A View from Long Term Care

In 2020 everyone’s life was significantly affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, but those 65+ were especially impacted, and it has been a challenge for long-term care communities. Although we are still in the midst of this healthcare crisis, we have learned a great deal from our experiences battling this virus. Learn from our experiences and get answers to questions you may have about this very challenging time for our residents and team members.

Presented by:

Rodney Alderfer

Rodney Alderfer, President

Jeff Lambert

Jeff Lambert, VP for Health Services

Barb Frye speakers bureau

Barb Frye, Director of Nursing

Healthy Aging

As life expectancy increases, older adults are seeking answers to challenging questions. We all want to have a long, active life and shorten the period that we are unhealthy before we die. The path to achieving this is not a mystery, but it does require knowledge and commitment to make it happen. This presentation discusses the multiple dimensions of health and how they impact the healthy aging process.

Presented by:

Laura Spicer speakers bureau

Laura Spicer, Director of Resident Wellbeing and Engagement

The Aging Experience in our Community

In 2019 BRC and Valley Program for Aging Services (VPAS) partnered to conduct a Senior Community Needs Assessment. We discovered that the key issues facing older adults in our area are affordable housing, social isolation, and health care navigation. The full results of this study were presented to the local community in February 2020 and are now available at This presentation interprets the findings, discusses the challenges to aging in our community, and explores areas of opportunity to improve the aging experience throughout the Valley.

Presented by:

Carrie Budd

Carrie Budd, VP for Development and Community Relations

Beth Bland speakers bureau

Beth Bland, Director of Senior Services / Director of Development, VPAS

Strategies and Planning for Making Long-Term Care Affordable

Everyone wishes to live a long, healthy life and die peacefully in their sleep. But that’s not always how life happens, and our peace of mind depends on having a plan B. So we need to be informed on how best to plan and pay for long-term care. But it’s easy to become quickly overwhelmed by the many confusing ideas around how long-term care works. This presentation is a straightforward discussion about how much assisted living and nursing care cost, the role of long-term care insurance, and when Medicare and Medicaid come into the picture.

Presented by:

Anne Flint speakers bureau

Anne Whitney Flint, Controller

Anne Homan speakers bureau

Ann Homan, Long-Term Care Insurance Advisor

What is a Life Plan Community? Why do they call it the Continuum of Care?

What is a retirement community and why would I choose to live in one? There are many misconceptions around what a Life Plan Community is, its benefits, and its affordability. It is not for everyone, but living in a retirement community can offer many physical and social benefits that enrich the retirement years and offer peace of mind for the uncertain future of aging.

Presented by:

Jeannette Suter

Jeannette Suter, VP for Independent Living and Assisted Living

Crista Cabe

Crista Cabe, Director of Marketing

Creating a Stronger Community Through Partnerships and Volunteerism

We all know that a community is strongest when its citizens and organizations work together. Bridgewater Retirement Community has a long history of being a valuable and supportive community partner, and each year we are looking for new ways to volunteer and work with other community groups. This presentation will share information about how we align our community outreach with strategic goals and explore our current volunteer efforts led by both residents and our team member Community Connections Team. How can we partner with your organization to make our community even stronger?

Presented by:

Laura Powell speakers bureau

Laura Powell, Director of Volunteer Services

Carrie Budd, VP for Development and Community Relations