Media Requests:

Please direct all press and media inquiries to Crista Cabe, director of marketing and sales. | 540-828-2621 (office) | 540-688-8149 (cell)

When there is news to share, updates are recorded on our COVID-19 Information Line (1-540-828-2444).

Email to subscribe to emergency updates via email, and to share any questions or concerns regarding our prevention efforts. We will do our best to respond to all inquiries within a business day.

Campus-Wide COVID-19 Prevention Policies

  • All members of the community (residents, team members, and visitors) are urged to get the COVID-19 vaccine if not already received. BRC is a designated vaccination site for residents and team members, offering the Moderna vaccine which requires two doses 28 days apart as well as the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, which requires only one dose.
  • Fully vaccinated individuals in non-healthcare settings (Maple Terrace/Houff Community Center, Administrative Center, etc.) do not need to wear a mask or practice social distancing but may choose to do so.
  • Masks are required for visitors and team members in healthcare settings (Huffman Health Center, Assisted Living, Memory Support households, and Nursing Administration corridor), regardless of vaccination status, with the exceptions of 1) private in-room visits where all present are fully vaccinated, and 2) specific circumstances for team members as described in Revised COVID Guidance for Team Members.
  • Non-vaccinated individuals in all BRC settings must wear a mask indoors. Non-vaccinated team members must wear KN-95 masks.
  • All team members are screened (including temperature checks) at the beginning of each shift. All vaccinated team members in healthcare settings (Nursing Households, Assisted Living, Memory Support) must wear surgical masks while in common areas but may share a meal with residents.
  • Care packages and deliveries for Assisted Living, Memory Support, and Nursing Households may be left on the table in the vestibule of the Administrative Center at 302 N. Second Street.
  • Dining venues in Maple Terrace are open for BRC Independent and Assisted Living residents and their guests (no more than six people per party).
  • Fitness Center and Maple Grove Salon are open for BRC Independent Living residents.
  • Everyone is encouraged to continue practicing good COVID-19 prevention efforts by washing hands and using hand sanitizer regularly; maintain social distance of at least six feet from other people who may not be vaccinated; and avoid touching eyes, nose, and mouth.

Information about guidelines for nursing homes in Virginia may be found here on the Virginia Department of Health website.

Updated Leave Policy—Assisted Living, Memory Support, Nursing Households

Effective June 15, 2021

BRC residents in Assisted Living, Memory Support, and Nursing Households who are fully vaccinated (defined as 14 days after the final dose of vaccine) may leave the BRC campus for visits and activities with loved ones who are also fully vaccinated, with no quarantine required upon return.

When outside the AL/Nursing setting, whether at BRC or in the wider community, residents are encouraged to wear a mask when in high-traffic areas.

Before leaving, the resident or their loved one should ensure that team members are informed so that should an emergency situation arise, valuable time will not be expended in determining where the resident is. In Assisted Living, signing out is sufficient. Sign out sheets are available at each AL nurse’s team room on the first and second floors.

If a resident is not vaccinated and would like to request leave, please communicate with AL or household leadership for more information.

Guidelines for Visitors

Independent Living:

  • Visitation is permitted outdoors and in personal residences
  • Visitors are permitted in Houff Community Center, Maple Grove Salon, Fitness Center, and May Meadows Library
  • Visitors may accompany residents while dining in Custer Dining Room (maximum two visitors per resident, and maximum six people in a party)
  • Visitors may get take-out food from the Junction, or dine in while accompanying a resident
  • Follow CDC guidelines based on vaccination status:
    • If all present are vaccinated, masking and distancing are not required at private small group gatherings (up to 25 people)
    • If anyone present is not vaccinated, everyone should wear a mask at all times and maintain a distance of at least 6 feet from the unvaccinated person

Independent Living Residents should monitor Wellzesta regularly for updates.

Nursing Households, Assisted Living, and Gardner House:

In-person visits with loved ones, family members, and friends are an important part of providing the best possible quality of life for BRC residents. And that is our top priority. We do all we can to support our residents in staying connected with their loved ones, while also keeping our residents safe during the pandemic and following mandatory regulatory guidance that dictates how visits can occur. We appreciate your cooperation in navigating these tricky waters!

There is new guidance from the CDC about what is safe for people who have been fully vaccinated (defined as two weeks after receiving the final vaccine dose). We have been waiting for this! Because the vaccine is so effective at preventing COVID, the new guidance allows BRC to begin to ease pandemic restrictions when both resident and visitors are fully vaccinated. See below for details.

Regardless of vaccination status, all visits must be scheduled in advance and coordinated through the households. If you are not already in contact with your loved one’s household, call BRC’s front desk at 540-828-2550 between 8 am and 5 pm Monday through Friday. After hours, you can still use the automated system to connect with a household.

Visits with members of the broader community (including residents’ family members) and with BRC Independent Living residents are scheduled by appointment as feasible. Household teams assess requests with the aim of ensuring all residents can receive visitors.

“Fully vaccinated” is defined as two weeks after receiving final dose of vaccine (2nd dose for Pfizer-BioNTech or Moderna, or single dose of Johnson & Johnson vaccine).

Visitation when both resident and visitor(s) are FULLY VACCINATED

  • Resident and guest(s) may have in-room visit without masking or distancing. Visitors may bring snacks to share, provided any dietary restrictions are observed.
  • Visit must be scheduled in advance with household team.
  • All visitors must be 12 or older and screened upon arrival. If for any reason a visitor does not pass the screening, the visit with the resident will not take place.
  • Verification of vaccination status is required; if guest declines to provide proof, the protocol for unvaccinated guests will be followed.
  • Maximum number of visitors: four
  • Guests must wear masks to enter the building and for screening, and will keep masks on until they enter resident’s apartment or room. Masks must also be worn to exit the room until fully outside the building.

Visitation when either resident or visitor(s) is NOT VACCINATED

  • Visits take place in designated safe locations separate from resident living spaces.
  • No more than two visitors, age 12 and up, per visit.
  • Maximum of 30 minutes per visit.
  • All visitors must be screened upon arrival. If for any reason a visitor does not pass the screening (whether due to possible exposure or to symptoms), the visit with the resident will not take place.
  • Appropriate masking, hand hygiene, and distancing are required.
  • Upon entering the building, visitors must proceed directly to the designated visiting location.
  • Following the visit, visitors must proceed directly to exit the building, and masks must be left in place.
  • Do not bring food or snacks to consume during the visit, as that would necessitate removal of your mask.
  • If you wish to bring items for your loved one, please label them for the resident and leave them on the table where your visit occurs. The items will be given to the resident following the visit.
  • Visits are monitored for compliance.