Statement and Campus Updates on COVID-19

We are grateful and relieved to report that the potential COVID-19 exposure in Harmony Household did not result in any further resident or team member infections.

As previously reported, a team member who last worked on April 5 later tested positive for COVID-19. The team member had no symptoms while at work and followed all prevention protocols.

In the 14 days following the potential exposure, Harmony Household remained in quarantine and residents and team members determined to be at risk by our clinical team were tested. All tests were negative.

The isolation order on Harmony Household has been lifted. All other COVID-19 prevention measures remain in place.

Thank you for your continued thoughts, prayers, and support for our residents and team members during this challenging time.

Download our full policies and procedures on COVID-19 prevention here.

On March 30, VA Governor Ralph Northam issued a Stay at Home Order, ordering everyone to stay at home except for essential business. BRC is, of course, included in the “essential” category, and therefore all team members are continuing to report to work. The full text of the Governor’s executive order is available here.

We remain in close contact with the CDC, the CMS, Virginia Department of Health, and other agencies tracking the spread of COVID-19 and update these policies accordingly as risk levels change. As always, we remain committed to fostering energy for life and believe these actions will significantly benefit the health and wellbeing of the residents we serve.

Media Requests:

Please direct all press and media inquiries to Crista Cabe, director of marketing and sales. | 540-828-2621 (office) | 540-688-8149 (cell)

Campus-Wide COVID-19 Prevention Policies

  • Access to campus is restricted. Only residents, team members, and authorized visitors (approved caregivers, vendors and contractors, and approved delivery services) may enter BRC’s 55-acre campus. Authorized visitors are limited in their movements. Essential business meetings are being held at a BRC-owned site adjacent to but not on campus.
  • All incoming traffic must enter at the North Second Street entrance. A contracted security firm staffs the entrance 24 hours per day. Deliveries by USPS, UPS, FedEx, and the newspaper continue as usual.
  • All BRC dining venues and beauty shops are closed. Hot and cold-prepped meals are available for pick-up and delivery. Full-time beauty shop team members are longstanding and valued members of our community. They are taking on other responsibilities supporting our COVID19 response and will be ready to resume their normal positions just as soon as it’s safe to do so.
  • All team members and authorized visitors are screened (including temperature checks) on arrival.
  • All campus events and community gatherings are canceled until further notice.
  • Everyone is encouraged to continue practicing good COVID-19 prevention efforts by washing your hands and using hand sanitizer regularly; covering your mouth when you cough or sneeze; maintain social distances of at least six feet from other people; and avoid touching eyes, nose, and mouth.

Personal Protective Equipment Policies and Procedures

Masks/Face Coverings

All team members are to wear a mask/face covering. Please have your mask on before you enter the building. The mask may be removed only to hydrate or eat, and only when you are well clear of anyone else (6 feet minimum). Team members working in individual offices may remove their face coverings while alone in their offices.

Those working in resident care areas and Screeners must switch to a surgical mask after screening. Surgical masks will be distributed in June’s Café. Surgical masks should be worn during work and discarded upon leaving work. Please switch to a cloth mask to follow CDC guidelines while not at work.

Those working in areas other than resident care areas should always wear a cloth mask/face covering while on campus.

Team Members Working in Resident Care Areas

All team members working in resident care areas of Nursing, AL and Memory Care will enter and exit through June’s Café doors.

All team members working in resident care areas will follow the procedures listed below.

  1. Surgical Mask: See above, always wear a surgical mask. One surgical mask should last for your shift. Please change if it becomes moist or soiled.
  2. Clean T-shirt: Upon arrival, in the June’s Café screening area, clean t-shirts will be available. Please take a clean shirt and change. Keep your personal shirt with your belongings. After your shift is over, change back into your own clothing and place the T-shirt in the hamper to be laundered.
  3. Goggles/Safety Glasses: Goggles/Safety Glasses are provided and are available in June’s Café for the protection of all direct care team members. It is recommended to wear eye protection to prevent droplets and splashes from entering the eyes. A clean pair of goggles may be signed out for use during a shift. Please return the goggles to the “dirty” bin when leaving. (please note that although they may help, personal glasses do not qualify as PPE)
  4. Gloves: Wear gloves for all physical contact with residents. Perform hand hygiene and change gloves between residents.

Nursing Households, Assisted Living, and Memory Care

  • All visitation has been suspended. This includes independent living residents and non-essential team members. Exceptions are being made on a case-by-case basis for end-of-life care.
  • All residents are being monitored for symptoms twice a day, including temperature readings.
  • Group activities and communal dining are suspended in accordance with guidance from CMS and CDC.
  • IPads have made available in all households to facilitate FaceTime/Google Duo video communication with families and loved ones.
  • Care packages for residents must be sent via U.S. Postal Service. BRC Village residents may have care packages picked up and delivered to loved ones by Resident Services.

Independent Living

  • Independent living residents are being asked to stay at home except for essential business per Governor Northam’s 3/30 executive order. Grocery delivery services are available through Village Resident Services. More information is available on Wellzesta.
  • Deliveries and care packages for Villagers only may be left at the Guard Shack for delivery by Village Resident Services (Monday–Friday 8 am–4:30 pm). U.S. Mail, FedEx, UPS, Schwan’s, and newspapers continue to deliver on campus as usual.
  • Move-ins to the Grove have begun with strict prevention protocols. From now until at least the end of April, we are permitting Village move-ins only by people who have already sold their homes and for whom BRC is the only housing option. All other future residents who have a continuing safe place to live are being asked to delay move-in. This allows us to reduce exposure of our community members to movers and others from outside BRC. Movers are screened before they are admitted onto campus.
  • New residents are being screened very carefully. They are advised to maintain physical distance from current residents and follow all the same precautions we ask of other Village residents. Depending on individual circumstances at time of move-in, it is possible that some may be asked to quarantine themselves for 14 days after arrival.


The Governor’s executive order made it clear that construction, and construction supply stores, are considered essential businesses and may continue to operate. This is good news for BRC as we are nearing completion of the Grove and continue to work on the Houff Community Center expansion as well as individual renovations. Contractors working at BRC must check-in at our guard shack just like team members coming to work; they are working only in areas where residents do not go and are under strict safety protocols.

How can you help?

We’ve been asked that question dozens of times and are unable to adequately express our gratitude. We are profoundly grateful for your support and your love. We are in this together, committed to protecting our beloved BRC community.

Learn more:  How you can help BRC at this time

Campus updates are recorded daily on our COVID-19 Prevention Hotline (1-540-828-2444).

Residents should monitor Wellzesta regularly for continuous updates.

You can also email to subscribe to emergency updates via email, and to share any questions or concerns regarding our prevention efforts. We will do our best to respond to all inquiries within a business day.