COVID Week in Review: February 19-25, 2021

Assisted Living, Memory Support, and Nursing

Good news! There have again been no COVID cases this week. In accordance with best practices, team members continue to wear KN95 masks while in the nursing households.

The Salon at 302 (our beauty shop) and restorative care are open for Nursing residents. Genesis rehab is open for residents, as is Skyline Dining Room in AL.

Visitation continues to be restricted in Nursing, AL, and Memory Support in accordance with the regulatory guidelines we must follow. We understand that the CDC will soon release new guidance regarding vaccinated versus non-vaccinated individuals, and we are eager to understand how that will affect regulatory guidance for our Nursing Households, Assisted Living, and Memory Support.

In the hope that the falling positivity rates in Rockingham County will continue, we are working on plans to ease restrictions as allowed under regulatory guidance. 

Village Residents

There have been no new COVID cases among Independent Living Residents. Dining venues, fitness center, library, and salon are open with appropriate infection prevention measures observed.


Team members: Because the local positivity rate remains above 10%, Nursing team member testing continues twice a week, usually on Mondays and Wednesdays. For team members throughout BRC, testing is available for symptoms and on an as-needed basis.

Residents: Testing is available for any BRC resident with symptoms and as needed.

Next Vaccine Clinic March 3

Our final scheduled vaccine clinic will be Wednesday, March 3. First doses for team members and residents can be administered, as well as second doses for everyone who got their first shot on February 10. 

Vaccinations at BRC On-site Clinics

  # Vaccinated Total in Community % Vaccinated
*Nursing Residents 119 (112 current) 117 96%
Assisted Living Residents 48 50 96%
Memory Support Residents 14 16 88%
Independent Living Residents 331 351 94%
Team Members 267 370 72%
**Others 48 NA NA
*The total number of Nursing residents vaccinated includes seven individuals who no longer reside in BRC nursing households.
**”Others” includes direct care providers and key volunteers who work closely with residents on the BRC campus.

Local Positivity Rates:

Regulatory requirements for our nursing households mandate visitation policy, how often we test all nursing team members, and other infection prevention measures; these requirements are tied directly to several measures including the percentage of positive COVID-19 PCR test results in our local jurisdiction, which is Rockingham County. A positivity rate of under 5% is considered “low” and requires monthly testing; between 5% and 10% is considered “medium” and requires weekly testing; and above 10% is “high” and requires testing twice a week. Also, a positivity rate of above 10% means mandatory restriction of visitation in Nursing and Assisted Living. BRC also uses this data to inform policies that affect Assisted Living and Independent Living, so we keep an eye on the rates in nearby jurisdictions. This data is published by the Virginia Department of Health.

Current Positivity Rates  (14-day period ending) 2/19/2021 2/5/2021
Rockingham County 11.6% 14.7%
Harrisonburg 8.1% 9.9%
Augusta County 9.0% 13.6%
Staunton 4.9% 6.3%
Waynesboro 5.9% 14.4%

Cumulative COVID-19 Cases at BRC as of Feb 25, 2021

Total Number of BRC Residents: approximately 550  Total Number of BRC Team Members: approximately 370

Monthly Totals

Month Team Members Residents
April 2020 2 0
May 2020 1 0
June 2020 5 0
July 2020 6 20
August 2020 7 1
September 2020 5 10
October 2020 5 2
November 2020 2 0
December 2020 29 16
January 2021 19 4
February 2021 1 0

Residents by Community Segment

Nursing 26
Assisted Living 8
Independent Living 19

Team Members by Work Area

Nursing 41
Dining 9
Assisted Living 11
Village 10
Administration 7
Environmental Services (Bridgewater Home) 1
Genesis Rehab 3


New Cases per Week in the Local Area

In Rockingham County, Harrisonburg City, and Augusta County combined

Data derived from information provided by the Virginia Department of Health