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COVID Update July 22, 2021

We are delighted that once again there were no COVID cases at BRC in the past week.

Local Data Trends

This week the positivity rate in Rockingham County based on PCR testing stayed below 5% for the ninth week in a row. Please note however that the number of new cases is on the rise, and the positivity rate looks farther back in time than our new cases count, so it looks as if the positivity rate will be rising again soon.

We track the number of new COVID cases in Rockingham County, Harrisonburg, and Augusta County (see chart below); this number is still low compared to earlier in the pandemic, but it has almost doubled week-over-week for the last two weeks, from 19 new cases in the three jurisdictions to 36 new cases last week, to 66 cases in the seven days ending 7/21. With the Delta variant gaining ground everywhere, and only about 46% of the Rockingham County population with at least one dose of a COVID vaccine, this trend is concerning. We will keep an eye on it!

Key Data 7/22/2021

Local Positivity Rates:

Regulatory requirements for our nursing households mandate visitation policy, how often we test all nursing team members, and other infection prevention measures; these requirements are tied directly to several measures including the percentage of positive COVID-19 PCR test results in our local jurisdiction, which is Rockingham County. A positivity rate of under 5% is considered “low”; between 5% and 10% is considered “medium”; and above 10% is “high.” BRC also uses this data to inform policies that affect Assisted Living and Independent Living, so we keep an eye on the rates in nearby jurisdictions. This data is published by the Virginia Department of Health.

Current Positivity Rates  (14-day period ending) 7/9/2021 7/16/2021
Rockingham County 3.2% 2.2%
Harrisonburg 2.5% 1.8%
Augusta County 3.1% 5.0%
Staunton 2.4% 5.0%
Waynesboro 3.8% 6.8%

Cumulative COVID-19 Cases at BRC as of July 22, 2021

Total Number of BRC Residents: approximately 550  Total Number of BRC Team Members: approximately 370

Monthly Totals

Month Team Members Residents
April 2020 2 0
May 2020 1 0
June 2020 5 0
July 2020 6 20
August 2020 7 1
September 2020 5 10
October 2020 5 2
November 2020 2 0
December 2020 29 16
January 2021 19 4
February 2021 1 0
March 2021 2 0
April 2021 2 0
May 2021 1 0
June 2021 0 0
July 2021 0 0

Residents by Community Segment

Nursing 26
Assisted Living 8
Independent Living 19

Team Members by Work Area

Nursing 45
Dining 9
Assisted Living 12
Village 10
Administration 7
Environmental Services (Bridgewater Home) 1
Genesis Rehab 3

New Cases per Week in the Local Area as of July 22

In Rockingham County, Harrisonburg City, and Augusta County combined

Data derived from information provided by the Virginia Department of Health

BRC Vaccination Rates 7/14/2021

Community Segment Total Individuals Percent Vaccinated
Residents — Nursing Households 119 95%
Residents — Assisted Living 52 98%
Residents — Memory Support 16 100%
Residents — Independent Living 359 96%
Total Residents 549 96%
Team Members 419 75%