What to expect from BRC 

Bridgewater Retirement Community is committed to full transparency regarding how COVID-19 is affecting our community. We communicate regularly with residents and their families. We are doing everything possible to protect residents from COVID-19 and other infectious diseases.

How BRC is set up

BRC has six nursing households plus Assisted Living and Gardner House, our memory support household. Plus, our 55-acre campus includes an independent living village made up of a variety of single-family homes, duplexes, and apartment buildings.

Our nursing households and assisted living residences are physically separated from the others, and contact is not currently allowed between residents of different households. So, when there is a case of COVID-19 in one area, we are in a good position to contain it in the hope that it will not affect residents in other areas.

We are prepared to move COVID-positive residents, at any time necessary, to a designated COVID treatment area in order to isolate them from other residents. 

Nursing Households, Assisted Living, and Memory Support: When a Resident or Team Member tests positive 

Our first priority is to implement our COVID-19 protocols (on top of prevention measures already in place) to support the affected individual and prevent infection of others. We immediately notify the Virginia Department of Health, the primary contact for the resident, and the primary contacts for other residents who may have been exposed. 

BRC uses a rapid communication system that sends automated phone messages to designated family members. Phone messages will come from a toll-free number, not a BRC local phone number. Family members could also receive an automated email with a subject line that references “Jeff Lambert at Bridgewater Home,” who is the VP for Healthcare.

Designated family members may wish to add the toll-free number, 866-419-5001, to their phone’s contact list, so it’s clear when a call comes in that it contains an urgent update from BRC.

Because BRC is only able to contact a resident’s primary contact, we recommend that families have their own communication plans to keep all loved ones in the loop.

Finally, because BRC is committed to transparency on this serious public health issue, we will share what information we can with other residents, team members, and the general public through a variety of channels that may include the BRC website, the Wellzesta app (accessible to BRC Village residents but not the general public), social media, email, and/or press release.

Other ways to stay up to date:

  • Email updates on the COVID-19 situation at BRC; to sign up, send an email to prevention@brcliving.org. Routine updates are distributed monthly, usually on the first Friday. 
  • COVID-19 Updates webpage (updated weekly and as new information becomes available).