Bridgewater Retirement Community offers a continuum of supportive services should your parents’ health needs change. Our continuum consists of Independent Living, Assisted Living, Memory Support and Nursing Households.

These levels of living allow your parent(s) to remain in the comforts of their community without experiencing major changes and leaving the place they now call home.

We know that talking to a parent about retirement can be difficult. Starting the conversation about a retirement community with your parent is not always the easiest subject to approach but waiting until the last minute to make plans often limits your option and raises the cost of care.

Your parent(s) are never too young or too healthy to start making plans. Find out how to talk to parents about retirement and what to consider as you research retirement communities. The conversation should start NOW.

talk to parents about retirement

Tips to consider as you research retirement communities:

Involve your parent(s) as much as possible.

Depending on the situation, your parent(s) may or may not want to be involved in the decisions. If they are interested in exploring options allow them to have as much input as possible.

If they continue to refuse, it is okay to take a break from discussing a move, but if they begin to warm up to the idea, do not waste time, start researching!

Many times there is a lack of knowledge about what a life plan community is that is hindering the discussion.

Review your finances.

The cost of senior living varies depending on the level of care and the type of community you are researching. It is good to be aware of your parents’ financial position prior to starting your research.

Research all options.

Become familiar with senior living terminology and know what different communities provide, from a Life Plan Community (formerly Continuing Care Retirement Community or CCRC), Fee for Service Community, Life Care Community, stand-alone Assisted Living, 55+ Community, to a Nursing Home.

Consider the future.

Don’t just plan for your parent(s) needs today, but plan for possible changes in their health. These changes can happen in an instant and having the reassurance that their changing needs can be met will offer a lot of peace of mind to the entire family.

how to talk to parents about retirement

Talk to the Family.

As a family you are a team of caregivers for your parent(s). Make sure everyone is on the same page for planning for the future. It helps if your parents can share their hopes and goals for their future and how a life plan community can help them realized these plans.

Tour the community.

Once you have found a couple communities that you would be interested in considering take your parent to tour and get familiar with their culture. Ask lots of questions to be fully informed about how each community works. Take along a list of items that are essential to your parents and make sure the communities you are considering offer these amenities.

Talk to your parents about retirement today so they can enjoy their retirement years in a caring community.

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