Life Plan Communities used to be known as Continuing Care Retirement Communities, or CCRCs. While both names are accurate, Life Plan speaks volumes about the benefits these communities offer.  Find out how life plan communities work and why this may be the option for you. If you’re looking at retirement communities, here are some reasons you should think about Life Plan.

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1. How Life Plan Communities Work

It’s right there in the name. Life Plan Communities allow older adults, most of whom are out of their prime earning years, to plan for a full, rich life. Once you pay the entrance fee, you are a resident for life. You won’t have to worry about the ever-increasing costs of skilled nursing care or how you would afford in-home help if you need assisted living. Keep reading to find out how life plan communities work and why you may want to consider a life plan community in the future.

2. Permanent Address

Moving is stressful. In a recent survey, 13% of Americans said they’d rather spend a week in jail than leave their neighbors, friends, and familiar surroundings. Life Plan Communities offer independent living, assisted living, and nursing support (Bridgewater Retirement Community also offers memory support and short-term rehabilitation), so you can stay at the same address even as your needs change. This is one of the most important reasons people chose a life plan community as their home.

3. Protection for Physical and Mental Health

Most Life Plan Communities have dedicated programs to strengthen mind and body. On-site dining offers meals that are healthy and delicious. Fitness centers and personal trainers provide fun classes and wellness programs. Recent studies confirm what Life Plan residents already know—they are in better health and happier when the focus is on the whole person.

4. Peers, Friends, and Neighbors

The same studies also show a huge jump in social satisfaction. This is especially important for seniors, for whom isolation and loneliness are persistent problems. Even if you and your spouse need different levels of support, you can live in the same community and see each other every day. The benefit of being part of a community is priceless.

5. Peace for Family

Many older adults say they chose a Life Plan Community for the peace of mind. They tell us it allowed them to “settle their affairs” while they are healthy, sparing their children and spouses from needing to make drastic decisions in an emergency. Some also stated that living in a Life Plan Community greatly eased estate planning, allowing them to give back more generously. We’ve also heard from residents’ families on how much they appreciate knowing their parents are in excellent hands. Peace of mind allows seniors to focus on enjoying their retirement years.

Now that you know how life plan communities work you may still have questions. Be sure to check out our FAQ’s section for the answers to many common questions. Contact us for more information and for specific questions.

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