The Town of Bridgewater

Bridgewater Retirement Community is located in the town of Bridgewater, Virginia. Bridgewater is a small college town in western Virginia right in the center of the beautiful Shenandoah Valley.

Bridgewater VA things to do

Facts About Bridgewater, Virginia

Bridgewater, VA was chartered as The Town of Bridgewater back on February 7, 1835. The name came from the town’s proximity to the North river and the bridge that was constructed there in 1820.

The Town of Bridgewater is located near the southern border of Rockingham County and encompasses about 2.4 square miles. Bridgewater has a rich history just like the history of Bridgewater Retirement Community.

There are around 6100 residents and the population grows a little bit each year.

Bridgewater Retirement Community is a quick walking distance from Bridgewater College, the town hall, the post office, several banks, a grocery store, and multiple restaurants. While many services are offered right on our campus, the Town of Bridgewater has nearly everything you might want or need, with a level terrain making walking around town easy!

The Town of Bridgewater is home to seven parks that offer picnic shelters, exercise areas, or just a place to relax and watch the ducks swim in North River. Adjacent to the campus, North River Public Library and the Oakdale Park complex provide many recreational opportunities, and the close-by Generations Park is home to a Summer concert series. A variety of enchanting downtown shops offer antiques, handmade crafts, and one-of-a-kind gifts.

Bridgewater, VA: Things to Do

There are many things to do in this lovely southern town. Here is just a sampling of what the Town of Bridgewater, VA has to offer:

  • Par-3 Golf Course
  • Miniature Golf Course
  • Indoor Tennis Courts
  • Public Library
  • Ice Skating Rink
  • Sipe Center Movie Theater and Performing Arts Center

The Town of Bridgewater holds many special events throughout the year. These community events foster a sense of pride and unity. Here are some of the annual events you can look forward to as part of the Bridgewater community:

  • The Charter Day Celebration happens every February to celebrate the town’s charter.
  • A big Independence Day celebration happens each July.
  • Celebrate the end of summer with the Summer’s End festivities which usually include a mini-golf tournament, a run, and a big celebration at Oakdale Park.

There are plenty of other fun events going on around town. Be on the lookout for concerts, theater productions, classes, and more.

Bridgewater VA things to do

Bridgewater Retirement Community is located minutes from Interstate 81, allowing easy access to many opportunities. To learn more about the Town of Bridgewater, visit

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