A Delightful Variety of Entertainment

The scenic parks and natural wonders of the Shenandoah Valley have something for everyone. The list of things to do in Bridgewater, VA is long.

Bridgewater Retirement Community is located only minutes from Interstate 81, allowing easy access to many opportunities. Whether you are just driving through and enjoying the wonderful views, hiking the many trails, or seeking more refined cultural venues, those who live here and those who enjoy visiting will find several entertainment options.

Things to Do Near Bridgewater, VA

There are many things to do near Bridgewater, Virginia. Whether you prefer outdoor fun or indoor culture, there is something for everyone.

Nature Opportunities Near Bridgewater, VA

The Bridgewater, VA area is abounding with natural beauty and outdoor opportunities. This list includes ideas for people who want to put on their hiking boots and also ideas for people who would prefer to view nature from their car window.

Remember that some of these nature locations will look completely different during the different seasons of the year. You won’t want to miss Skyline Drive during the fall when the leaves change!

Cultural and Arts Venues Near Bridgewater, VA

There are many cultural things to do in Bridgewater, VA, and the surrounding communities. We have theaters, museums, universities, and art centers all waiting to welcome you. These locations have regular performances and showcases during the year. Be sure to check their websites frequently for updated information and special seasonal events.

Golf Courses Near Bridgewater, VA

If you love to hit the greens you will be happy with the golf choices in the Bridgewater area. There are three quality golf courses near Bridgewater.

Resorts in the Bridgewater, VA Area

The Bridgewater, VA area is home to three resorts. These three resorts all offer year-round activities. There are winter activities like skiing, snowboarding, snow tubing, and more. Warmer months will allow for golf, swimming, hiking, and don’t forget to relax at their spas. Getaway for a few days of pampering or have your family stay at the resort when they come for a visit.

Other Local Attractions

There are some lovely local vineyards in our area that are a must-visit if you love wine. These locations have wonderful natural beauty and it is fun to see the wine-making process up close. Be sure to check their websites for special events during the year.