Endless Cultural and Educational Opportunities

Whether it’s the elegance of theater at the James Madison University (JMU) Forbes Center, the culture of the Bach Festival at Eastern Mennonite University, the beat of the Jazz Band at Bridgewater College or plays and concerts at Mary Baldwin University, entertainment opportunities abound for retirement communities in Virginia. The local colleges and universities offer so much to their communities in the way of music, theater, and culture.

VA retirement communities are fortunate to be surrounded by so many wonderful cultural opportunities.

Nearby Cultural and Art Venues:

Retirement Communities in Virginia Can Participate in Lifelong Learning

Retirement communities in Virginia can take advantage of adult education opportunities. If you’re the more studious kind, audit classes at Bridgewater College, sign up for a personal enrichment class at Blue Ridge Community College or attend a class trip or brown-bag learning lunch at JMU’s Lifelong Learning Institute.

Lifelong learning can be very beneficial for reducing cognitive decline and improving symptoms of depression and isolation. An enriched learning environment can help older adults stay active and enhance their quality of life.

Bridgewater Retirement Community is located just minutes from Interstate 81, allowing easy access to many educational and cultural opportunities. Some educational opportunities are available as online courses for those with limited mobility.

Don’t forget that Bridgewater Retirement Community also offers arts and education opportunities right on our own campus. Check out the list of convenient services we offer at BRC. We have a crafts room, library, woodworking shop, and multipurpose rooms. You may find groups meeting for book clubs, Bible studies, or even a painting class.

You can check the current calendars to see what events are happening on campus on any given day. We even plan field trips to visit interesting locations in Virginia and beyond.

Area Attractions