Spiritual Life at Bridgewater Retirement Community

Human beings are many-faceted creatures; at Bridgewater Retirement Community, we strive to give a holistic approach to retirement living. The spiritual dimension, along with the physical, emotional and mental dimensions, helps to make us who we are and to define why we live the way we do.

The Pastoral Care team (or chaplains) focuses on spiritual life at Bridgewater Retirement Community. Our goal is to offer spiritual care and comfort for residents, families and staff. We work alongside local ministers, priests and other clergypersons in honoring the spiritual needs of each person regardless of denomination or faith tradition.

Spiritual Life Activities:

  • Weekly Sunday evening worship services in our Lantz Chapel, led by pastoral care staff, community clergy and other special guests. Once a month, the service is primarily music. This service is televised on BRC-TV channel 971.
  • Weekly Bible studies in all continuums of care throughout Bridgewater Retirement Community
  • Daily meal devotions in Bridgewater Home
  • Quarterly communion services in Lantz Chapel

The Chaplain’s office is located at the entrance of Lantz Chapel. For more information or additional questions, please contact Russ Barb, Director of Pastoral Care, at (540) 828-2480.