Short-Term Bridgewater Rehabilitation Services

If you need rehabilitation or therapy services, our Bridgewater rehabilitation team helps you with virtually every need, every step of the way. We have licensed therapists on staff trained to meet your special needs, whether you are recovering from a simple procedure or encounter unexpected medical issues. You will appreciate the convenience of completing physical, occupational or speech therapy in our dedicated rehabilitation suite. Senior rehabilitation in Bridgewater are expertly provided by our rehab partner, Genesis Rehab.

Why Have On-Site Senior Rehabilitation Services?

Bridgewater Retirement Community is a life plan community and we believe in offering a full range of healthcare and supportive services on one campus. Our residents benefit from an active lifestyle and gain peace of mind knowing that their needs will be met without having to relocate outside the community.

Taking care of your needs is what we do best. Making the decision to move into a continuing care retirement community like Bridgewater is one of the best ways to ensure your options for a secure future. Knowing you can receive the rehabilitation services you need right here on campus gives you added comfort. We take your health and wellness seriously.

A Sample of the Bridgewater Rehab Services Available On-Site

There are many Bridgewater rehab services available right on our BRC campus. This is just a sampling of some of the services offered:

  • Prehabilitation (prehab), physical and/or lifestyle preparation designed to improve recovery time after surgery
  • Physical therapy, which can decrease pain and improve muscle strength, coordination and balance
  • Speech therapy, to improve speaking and cognitive capacity and enhance memory skills
  • Occupational therapy, to help reestablish independence, increase endurance and improve joint range of motion

Whether your need for these therapeutic options is short-term or requires a longer commitment, you can rely on our rehabilitation team and our rehab partner, Genesis Rehab, for a high standard of care.